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The Ireland modern platform, with the mission to build, and deploy the most required applications and make them collectively accessible to everyone on one platform.

Whom We Are

The notion as to whether a new marketplace, a social network, a food ordering network, is necessary to satisfy the needs of the users has often been raised. A subjective compelling evidence has shown the need to access current application performance against expected performance. The internet and applications have revolutionized communications and the users, and such conveniences comes with a great cost to the users. in the wake of a social media network company trading on the user’s data, the rising cost of listing an item(s) by others, the cost of rendering services to restaurant owners, and the foodies by the food ordering and delivery networks. While most companies are focused on a positive ROI, rather than addressing the concerns and needs of the users, at wotlog we are solely focused on the needs and concerns of the users. The user’s involvement is the most powerful tool in the building of wotlog.  Wotlog is a modern platform of the people, built by the people, and for the people.